Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Other Interests

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings  posts a blogging challenge every Saturday night that he calls “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.”  This week, he writes:

“It’s Saturday Night – time for more Genealogy Fun!!
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

* Tell us about your “other” hobbies or interests outside of genealogy and family history research, writing, speaking, etc.”

So, I have decided to accept this week’s mission. Hmm, hobbies that aren’t genealogy, yeah I guess I might have some of those.  😉

My biggest interest is spending time with my family.  I know, cliche, but it is true.

Then there is my interest in computers, which has morphed over the years.  I was a computer science major in college, and have spent most of my career in IT support.  Now, I love doing web design and development.

I also love reading – anything from magazines to novels to historical nonfiction and more.

Speaking of history, my family and I do Civil War re-enacting.  We dress in clothing from the period, do activities from the era, and the men fight a re-enacted battle.  We even camp in the style of the period.

We also go camping in our RV.  There’s nothing better than food cooked over the camp fire.  And, of course, we have to make S’mores every night.  We even bring our cat and dog with us.

I also love crafts, but I don’t have much time for them any more.  I do cross stitch, needlepoint, crochet, scrapbooking, and many more.

I love to travel, and wish I could do it more often.   We have been on three Caribbean cruises; one of which was just my husband and I, to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We have been to Disney World many times, and to Washington D.C. for a weekend.  But, the kids still consider our 2-week trip driving out west to be our best vacation.  We went to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Black Hills, Custer State Park, the Grand Tetons, Deadwood (an old west town, complete with a shoot-out), and a few other places that escape my mind right now.  We did have a fabulous time, and the kids didn’t fight at all.

Well, I do have some other interests and hobbies, but I need to leave something to talk about later, so I’ll end here.  As you can see, I’m never bored!

3 Replies to “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Other Interests”

  1. GrannyPam says:

    We do some camping, too. The driving trip with your family sounds like a lot of fun, we never did anything like that when our kids were small and at home.

  2. Carol says:

    I enjoyed your post, we have so much in common, the love of computers (but you are much more computer literate than I would ever hope to be), crafts, RVing. Have not done the CW reinactment, YET, still would like to get hubby to try it, he is resisting!

  3. A rootdigger says:

    wow what a way for your children to see a renactment of history. There may be some games on line too of that. I know there are things like that with Napoleon wars. Famous Battles.Some reneactments mentioned on line. Such as the one near my families origination. By Sueschendorf and Oldendorf they recreate the battle of 1813 that involved the Napoleon troops. This was the one of the famous Elenore who inspired the composer to honor her.
    What great memories you have made for your children.

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