April 2007

NARA Outrageous Fee Increase

The NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration) is proposing to raise its fees, more than double on some records. For example, the proposed fee for a Civil War full military pension file would jump from $37 to $125! That is more than triple!!! You have until April 27, 2007 to comment and oppose the proposals at their online site. To leave your comments and state your opposition, follow these

Save Our History – Vote Online Today!!

Time Warner and The History Channel are sponsoring a ‘Save Our History’ award. There are five semi-finalist projects, and you can go online and cast your vote for one of them before the April 27th deadline. Click here to visit the website and cast your vote. Make your voice heard! All the projects listed are deserving of the award. However, I favor the James Cemetery restoration project since it has

Spring Onto Your Bike!

Spring is finally springing up all over! If you want to enjoy some outdoor time and visit some historical places at the same time, you will love this event. You can go on a scenic bike ride that takes you through the old coal mining communities of southeast Ohio. The Appalachian people of Southeast Ohio will benefit from your assistance. Little Cities of Black Diamonds promotes tourism, one of the