Moultrie Chapel Cemetery

Tombstone Tuesday – Robert J. Crist

This is the tombstone of Robert J. and Alice K. (Whiteleather) Crist.    They are buried in Moultrie Chapel Cemetery, West Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.    They are both cousins of mine, but from different ancestral lines.  Robert is, of course, from my Crist line, and Alice is from my Sanor/Zehner line.  Both of these families settled in northeastern Ohio in the early part of the 19th century.
This tombstone has some unique features; the first being that it has their marriage date, 27 March 1938, carved over wedding rings located between their names.  The second, and most unique, feature is the picture in the background.  It depicts their home and Crist Dairy Farm, which Robert co-owned, located in Homeworth, Ohio.  What an incredible memorial for future generations!

Here is a picture of the Crist Dairy Farm in 2005
Note the three silos just like on the tombstone, and the house to the right of the farm buildings.

Policeman Shot in the Line of Duty

William Foulks

This month’s Graveyard Rabbits Carnival is a “Carousel” edition, which means the post can be about anything relating to cemeteries.  I chose this tombstone because of the story behind William Foulk’s death.  I also find the shape of the stone, especially at the top, fascinating.  William is pictured in his police uniform in the photo above.  His story is below.

William Foulks was born on 29 March 1863, and died on 29 September 1900.  He was a Detective Lieutenant in the Cleveland Police Department until his untimely death at 37 years of age.  In July of 1900, workers at seventeen foundries went on strike because the employers refused to give them a 10 percent wage increase. William Foulks was shot and killed while responding to a fight between these striking union molders and the non-union men who were recruited to work the striking molders jobs.  Six months later, members of the Iron Molders Union’s Local 218 were still on strike, demanding “living wages.”

William Foulk’s name is inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.  He left behind a wife and six children when he died.  William was buried in Moultrie Chapel Cemetery, in Columbiana County, Ohio.


Tombstone Tuesday – Moultrie Chapel Cemetery Military Memorial

My Tombstone Tuesday posting for today is the military memorial at Moultrie Chapel Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Columbiana County, Ohio. I have several ancestors in this cemetery.