NARA Outrageous Fee Increase

The NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration) is proposing to raise its fees, more than double on some records. For example, the proposed fee for a Civil War full military pension file would jump from $37 to $125! That is more than triple!!! You have until April 27, 2007 to comment and oppose the proposals at their online site.

To leave your comments and state your opposition, follow these steps to get to the comment page:

1. Go to:
2. Then, in the box for Agency, click on the arrow and select National Archives and Records Administration.
3. Then, click the submit button.
4. Now, you will see the 2 proposals. To comment, click on the yellow balloon icon on the right of the page, under the Comments column.
5. Now, a form will come up for you to fill in your information and comments.

For those of you who don’t know, the NARA is a U.S. Federal government agency that collects, stores, and preserves important documents and materials. Their headquarters is in Washington D.C., but they also have regional facilities across the USA in such places as Chicago and San Francisco. The NARA is a great source of information for genealogists. They have records such as census, immigration, military service, military pension, and land records that they will copy and send to you for a fee.

Please oppose the astronomical fee increases that will price these precious records out of reach for many genealogists and family historians. Act now to preserve access to these records for future generations!

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