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It has been a while since my last post. Life sometimes gets in the way of your best intentions to get things done. Today’s subject matter helps by doing genealogy work for you online while you tend to your other life duties. So, without furthur ado, here is today’s post.

Lost Cousin’s has announced that, until August 27, 2007, all LostCousins members, old and new, will have the same privileges as paying subscribers. It’s a great opportunity to find living relatives who are researching your ancestors (and to invite your friends and relatives to join!). Go to their website at to join for free, if you have not done so already. All of your information is kept confidential unless you agree to share with newfound cousins. The data you enter remains online, even after the free subscription period is over. Then, your account reverts to the free membership account unless you pay to join.

Once you have joined with the free membership, you can add all of your direct ancestors, other blood relatives, and relatives by marriage, that are found in the 1880 United States Federal Census. You can also add relatives found in the 1881 Canadian Census, the 1881 Census of Scotland, and the 1881 Census of England & Wales (which includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). All of these censuses can be searched for free online at the FamilySearch site, except for the 1881 Census of Scotland. The Scotland Census is only online at paid sites such as ScotlandsPeople and

The LostCousins site keeps making connections for you, and sends you email when you have a new match. Then, you decide if you want to communicate directly with your possible new cousin or not. It is as simple as that! The site does the work while you spend your precious time on other research, or those pesky life duties.

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