Tombstone Tuesday – Michael Sanor /Zeynor

These are the tombstones for Michael Sanor, aka Zeynor/Zehner.  He was an American Revolutionary War Patriot.  He served in the 8th Pennsylvania regiment under Captains Eli Miers and Michael Huffnagle, and Colonels Brodhead and Mackey.  The stone on the left is his original one, and the one on the right is for his military service.  As you can see, the stone on the left reads ‘Michael Sanor’, and the one on the right reads ‘Michael Zeynor.’  Michael was my 6th great-grandfather.

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  1. I'm also a descendant of Michael. It's very cool to see more family history things on-line.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm also a descendant via Michael Sanor Sr>Michael Sanor Jr.>Elizabeth Sanor.> John Sanor Carle> George Herbert Carle> Ethel Elizabeth Carle> Me

  3. Terry says:


    We are also decendents of Michael. May I ask where these markers are?


    Michael Sanor > Sarah (Sally) Sanor > Franklin Hahn > Clement Hahn > James Hahn > Jeanne > Me

  4. Anonymous says:

    i'm from the howenstein's and he is my 8 great grandpa j.r. howenstein

  5. I am a Michael Sanor (decedent from Jackson Sanor – Gold Rush times in California. My dad shared these stories with me most of my life. Pretty cool!

  6. Rob Yates says:

    Michael Sanor Sr. was my 4th g-grandfather

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