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Wow! In 1916, Baltimore, Maryland became the first U.S. city to be illuminated by gas burning lights. The first gas burning lamps had to be lit by hand, but soon became automatic. Imagine what impact these new gas lights would have had on your ancestors’ lives! Factories could stay open longer, and thus, produce more. People could walk around at night because the streets were safer when lit up. The

Who is St. Valentine?

The history of Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14 each year, is surrounded by mystery. The modern St. Valentine’s Day contains both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with Valentine’s Day? Well, the Catholic Church has at least three different saints named Valentine/ Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend says that Valentine was a priest in Rome during

Genealogy Time Travel

Geography and history – not my favorite subjects in school. However, when added to genealogy, they become a fascinating way to travel back in time. Geography and history help “put flesh on the bones of your ancestors”. Names and dates are all good and well, but I want to feel what my ancestors felt and see what they saw. I want to be transported to the time and place my

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