Festival of postcards

Here is my submission for this month’s Festival of Postcards.  The theme for this month is quadrapeds; which are four-legged animals.  This postcard was taken on a street in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1910.

A Festival of Postcards (4th Edition)

This month’s theme is water, so I chose the above postcard. It depicts the old Wagon Bridge that crossed the Wabash River in Terre Haute, Indiana. The hand written date is 22 September 1906. The note reads: arrived here at 12 last night. leave for Jarvis tonight. got a player yesterday. Everything is lovely on the Wabash. Your bro. Chas. I researched a little bit of the bridge’s history, and

Wordless Wednesday – 5 August 2009; Also: A Festival of Postcards (4th Edition)

Wordless Wednesday is here again. This ship is the Normanni; which brought my ancestor, Wilhelm Gerner, from Germany to New York on 8 December 1893, when he was 23 years of age. This posting is also being used for A Festival of Postcards (4th Edition) since this month’s theme is water.

A Festival of Postcards (3rd Edition)

This is my first post for a blog carnival. This carnival is called “A Festival of Postcards”, and this month’s theme is signs. The assignment is to post a postcard depicting a sign, such as a road sign, store front, etc. I have been collecting postcards since I was a kid, so I thought this would be a great first carnival to participate in. I have collected both vintage cards