A Festival of Postcards (4th Edition)

This month’s theme is water, so I chose the above postcard. It depicts the old Wagon Bridge that crossed the Wabash River in Terre Haute, Indiana. The hand written date is 22 September 1906. The note reads:

arrived here at 12 last night. leave for Jarvis tonight. got a player yesterday.
Everything is lovely on the Wabash. Your bro. Chas.

I researched a little bit of the bridge’s history, and here is what I discovered. Joseph Fellenzer, while he was on the Vigo board of county commissioners in the 1870’s, was one of the main forces behind the scheme to buy the Wagon Bridge. The plan to purchase the bridge was successful, and meant that there would be no toll fees on the bridge.

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  1. Brad

    Neat post. Who was it from? Is there a story behind what it said? Thanks!

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